Organisation Change’s Magic Ingredient: Trust

Organisation trust is the key to success in major transformational change. Without high levels of trust within the organisation change management efforts are likely to fail. This three part series explores the role of trust in organisational change.

Trust is the magic ingredient that makes organisations great. With high levels of trust come strong employee engagement and a collaborative, supportive work environment. In high trust organisations, people look for ways to make change work, to help each other, to solve problems.  Part 1 of the series explores the role of trust in organisational change and the impact of low levels of organisational trust.

We all intuitively know when there are low levels of trust in an organisation and when it’s high. But what does it really mean? Part 2 explores the meaning of organisational trust and how it can be destroyed or developed within organisations.

Change managers can play a significant role in helping organisations rebuild trust through strategic change programs. Part 3 discusses practical strategies that change managers can use to incorporate trust building strategies into their change management programs to increase the likelihood of success.

Organisations can no longer afford to ignore the lack of trust within their culture. By focusing on developing a high trust, engaged and collaborative culture, organisations will achieve a significantly higher return on their investment in change management capabilities.