Program Managers are from Mars & Change Managers are from Venus

 It seems that while we all understand the importance of effective change management we often struggle with the practicalities of integrating programme management and change management. Some days it feels like programme managers are from Mars and Change Managers are from Venus.

It’s clear from the many studies on this topic that organisations are still struggling to successfully change, in 2008 IBM conducted a study involving 2500 CEOs from organisations worldwide. IBM reported that almost 60% of change management projects fail to achieve their business objectives. The impact of failed projects is immense, from lost revenue, increased costs, lowered morale and reputational damage. Organisations that fail to change will ultimately fail in the market. The same IBM study found that organisations that have adopted best practices in managing thier change projects were up to 10x more successful in implementing change. The top organisations (change masters) had an 80% success rate while the bottom organisations (change novices) 8% success rate.